Allosaurus is a relatively large dinosaurs which spawn in the red ant dinemsion. They are pretty strong, and relatively fast, but as you will see, they are pretty clever. Even if they have no strategy at all. They always rush in everything, making hitting them easier. They look like small, red, striped versions of the T-rex in this mod, although it is weaker than T-rex. They will attack almost anything, and will fight to the death. They drop gold nuggets and raw beef when killed. About 1/3 of it's body is it's hit box. They are about 2 and a half blocks tall and can walk right up blocks instead of jumping.

Attacking with projectiles from a distance is the best strategy, but if you want to do face-to-face combat, be sure to have emerald armour or higher. Be aware that it can throw you in the air, causing fall damage.