The Ore Spawn mod Wiki
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The Basilisk is a dark green colored snake with yellow eyes that is over 10 blocks long and 3 block high.


The Basilisk spawns primarily in the jungle in the Overworld, but also has a dungeon dedicated to it in the Mining Dimension. The structure is mostly made of sand and obsidian. It is a maze that leads into the boss room containing 3 Basilisks and high-tier loot such as Ultimate gear.


The Basilisk has 200 health, 15 defense, and attacks for 24 damage with its mouth. Its abilities range from stunning (slowness 6-7) to poison for 5 seconds. It will also regenerate 1 health periodically. Ultimate weapons are recommended when fighting the Basilisk. Upon death, it drops several emeralds, emerald tools/armor, raw chicken, and the Basilisk Scale required for Big Bertha.


  • The Basilisks' design is based on the creature with the same name from the Harry Potter series.