The bee is an annoying mob that flies and has pretty high attack strength.


The Bee has 80 health. You will need good gear to take it out since it flies making it's attacks less avoidable. I recommend at least Emerald armour and good sword skills. A bow can be used but upon being shot, the angered bee will charge straight at you. When that happens, go under a small tree and start swinging. Alternatively, dive into water as the bee takes damage (Once in water, they actually attack themselves). Next, shoot it down.


It can spawn in the jungle biome. This makes it even more dangerous because it's hard to flee in a jungle due to the rough terrain.


Attack: 12 + poison

Defense: 5

Health: 80

Found:  Jungles and Forests

Drops: Gold Nuggets and Butter Candy!



Bee Queen