It's called the Chaos Dimension for a reason... it can be rather chaotic at times!

Almost all the mobs spawn here, with the exception of the water-based creatures, because, well, there's not much water around. But with all the other mobs running around, you'll be wanting to watch your step. There's nothing underneath. One false move and you could end up falling into the void!

With challenging terrain, breathtaking views, and mobs galore, this place is a must-see!!! A gorgeous dimension that is almost as dangerous during the day as it is at night!

Why a butterfly to get in? Well, because we thought it would be funny to see a bunch of fierce warriors chasing butterflies! Lol! :) 

Right click a BUTTERFLY while Empty Handed. Do the same thing to get home. Ants work to get home as well!

Friendly: Almost all of them! Hostile: Almost all of them!

Explore! Survive!

Tons of things to see and explore!

Be careful about Zeggy boggy doogs, with their OP Knockback!