Charcoal Beasts​ ​are boss mobs that look somewhat similar to Kyuubi, but black and have a more realistic glowing effect.


Charcoal Beasts spawn in Nether Fortresses, and they rely on blazes to spawn. Alternatively, they spawn, sometimes in up to groups of 6.


Charcoal Beasts will pillar up to try to escape you, also they can create a shield of lightning, which gives them Absorption IV for 10 seconds. They will rain down TNT (they have a fuse of 20), or fireballs that will dig down and will come back up again and explode, and will self-destruct. At half-health, it spawns 5 magma cubes, and in this phase, it will do a "path-crater" which will create a path of whatever block they destroy and attack mobs. At about 10 health, it will clone into 3, and the cloned Charcoal Beasts will only have 40 health, and will drop less items.


Amethyst armor is recommended when fighting the Charcoal Beast, you will need blocks because of their pillaring up, a bow is a safe way of killing them, and a sword is a great way of dealing damage to them. If you one-shot them with a amethyst sword, they will get really angry, blind you, set you on fire and pick you up and launch you high into the air which will instantly kill you when you touch the ground. Golden Apples, Crystal Apples, Bacon, and Butter Candy may be necessary.

Try to kill it before it clones. Speaking of kill, when killed it will drop blaze powder, charcoal, redstone dust, rotten flesh and a coal mountain. When killed, it's body will break, collapse, flash, and erupt items from it's body parts and then summons a lava blizzard which will cause it to explode and turn into a coal mountain. They also drop 74 experience levels.

They have 95 health, and 250 health when tamed.


To tame it, you can feed it the following:

  • Coal
  • Blaze Powder
  • Gunpowder
  • Charcoal
  • Fire Charges

​Coal Mountain

The coal mountains that they drop is the reward after the boss battle. It contains a chest with useful items such as diamonds, weapons, all kinds of tools, saddles, random gems, horse armor, etc.