It's time for a lesson in real life: these criminals are the heart of all that is evil. These criminals are the root cause of the vast majority of wars, famine, poverty and injustice around the planet. They don't just want all your possessions, they want to own YOU as well. And for the most part, they already do.

Politicians and Bankers. Far more clever, devious, and evil than they would ever let you believe.

Theft. Yes, check your inventory!!! Lies and Propaganda. Wars. Poverty. Blaming other people. Redirecting your attention.

These are some tough little buggers to kill. High health and high defense make taking them out a rather slow and painful process. It's necessary though, if you want to survive.

Attack: 1
Defense: 18
100 Found: Villages Drops: Emeralds, and all YOUR stuff! Appeared in V17