The Emperor Scorpion is a large, black scorpion with purple eyes, along with a yellow stinger, and yellow teeth.


The Emperor Scorpion Spawns in the desert and savannas at night. Alternatively, it may be spawned using a spawn egg created from randomly generated dried eggs.


The Emperor Scorpion has 350 health, 20 Defense, and attacks for 35 damage with its claws and stinger. Its abilities range from summoning smaller scorpions to poison for 5 seconds on contact with the stinger. It will also regenerate 2 health periodically. Ultimate weapons and at least Ruby Armour are recommended when fighting the Emperor Scorpion. (More specifically the Ultimate Bow, for if not used it will result in the player being knocked back very far and taking significant damage if not wearing the stated armour.) Also, like many OreSpawn bosses, it is lightning and fire resistant. Upon killing the Emperor Scorpion, it will drop many items such as obsidian, raw beef, diamond gear, Ultimate weapons and the Emperor Scorpion Scale required for Big Bertha.