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The King is the second strongest mob in OreSpawn, excluding the Ultimate King easter egg. It is a three headed dragon, with different colored eyes on each head (blue, red, and black). It also has 6 wings, no arms, and a tail shaped like a hammer at the end.


The King can be found at the top of The Tree of Goodness that spawns randomly in the Utopian Dimension. Alternatively, The King may be spawned using a Spawn Egg from its own dungeon.


The King is no pushover, He can easily decimate Mobzilla and can easily recover any damage done to him. Mobzilla Scale armour and Big Bertha is a must when taking him head on, Having Enchanted Golden Apples or Feather Falling on your Mobzilla Scale armour also helps. Having a few Cephadromes/Hoverboards also benefits, As they can sponge damage from The King and help you reach his hitbox to help you get a few hits of before finally dying.

Drops on death

The King drops every modded item upon death, Even items from other mods!!!; some of its highly sought after drops include the Royal Guardian Gear. After you kill The King, a tamed pet called The Prince spawns. The Prince may also turn into the Young prince then the young adult prince by feeding it 2 diamond blocks. The Royal Guardian Sword does 750 attack per hit (250 more damage than the Big Bertha sword).


The Prince


Health: 7,000

Attack: 250 (Lightning/Fire/Ice Breath Varies in damage)

Defense: 21 (Same as Resistance IV/Protection X)

Abilities: strikes lightning, shoots fireballs, ice breath, rapid speed of regeneration, huge amount of knockback, flying through walls.


  • A common misconception is that The King was meant to be a parody of King Ghidorah from the Godzilla franchise due to a few similarities, however it has been stated by the mod creator that he did not intend The King to be affiliated with King Ghidorah.