Health: 150 (75 hearts)

Attack: 12

Defense: 8

Drops: Moth scales

The MOTHRA! is based off the MOTHRA! in the Godzilla franchise. However, there are several major differences between them. This MOTHRA! is refered to as a male, while the one in the movies is female. This MOTHRA! is also much more tiny(the real one is as large as Godzilla) and weaker, easily being killed. MOTHRA! also shoot fireballs in this mod, unlike the much more goddess-like powers in the franchise. Also, in the movies, MOTHRA! managed to at least stalemate with Godzilla for some time but here, it would be easily devastated by Mobzilla.


MOTHRA! is a flying mob and is thus hard to hit with a sword. However, he flies pretty close to the ground, despite the fact that he has ranged attacks. MOTHRA! usually comes down close to the ground for accuracy before unleashing fireballs that explode upon contact to anything. The attack is rather strong and can devastate a beginner. Players who just spawned or is without iron armor should immediately flee. This can be tough as MOTHRA! lurks around the extreme hills and can follow a player. Should the player try to dig, MOTHRA! can use his explosions to nail the player. Luckily, stone is usually tough enough to block some explosions before MOTHRA! can hit the player.

A bow is heavily recommended but might take some time. A sword is great only if you have Emerald Sword or Amethyst swords. If you don't, you most likely have weak armour too, and should run. Girlfriends can destroy MOTHRA! if they are slightly elevated, being much stronger and more durable than a player. Dragons can easily knock the moths out of the air and can be left alone to battle them. MOTHRA! may also be found in a skirmish with dinosaurs, which they usually have the height advantage, and thus survive the attacks. The Nastysaurus is an exception. If you have an amethyst sword, at least iron, but emerald is recommended, or a bow, you should have no trouble destroying him.


  • MOTHRA! is one of the first bosses ever made.
  • TheyCallMeDanger stated that he likes MOTHRA! more than others.
  • MOTHRA! has not been buffed, even after much more powerful bosses have been added.
  • MOTHRA! is a surprisingly easy boss to fight. You will have only as much trouble as fighting the Alien.
  • MOTHRA! explodes into thousands of moths after death, none will harm the player. There is a 0.001% chance of a vampire butterfly spawning, even though MOTHRA! only spawns moths.
  • MOTHRA! frequently flies into lava in the Danger Dimension.