The Mexican Chicken is a green, large chicken master, with red hair.


The Mexican Chicken can be found in the Chaos dimension and it's rare to find one.


The Mexican Chicken has 800 health, 12 defense and attacks for 80 and likes to attack everything. His bite will drain his health and can also cause the Wither effect. Mexican Chickens fly but can't fly trough blocks. He loves to devour Cephadromes, wich can be breed with them. His ability is to shoot small fireballs to burn you.

Baby Mexican Chickens can be tamed with Flint. If tamed, the Mexican Chicken has 2400 health, you can heal it with any cooked food.

Food healing list (this means, for how much health you can heal the Mexican Chicken):

Cooked Steak = 8

Cooked Pork Chop = 0

Cooked Chicken = 6

Cooked Crab Meat = 12

Cooked Bacon = 0

Cooked Corn Dog = 12

Cooked Peacock = 12

A Crabby Patty = 20

Cooked Fish = 0

Cooked Samlon = 0