The Nastysaurus is the biggest, meanest dinosaur in the Red Ant Dimension. It supposedly is furious for not being included in the Big Bertha Recipe and will kill anyone or anything in its way, including you.

Health: 200 (100 hearts)

Attack: 32 (16 hearts)

Defense: 17

Drops: Iron, string, leather and rotten flesh.

The Nastysaurus is a foe that you should steer clear if unprepared. Amethyst armour is the way to go if you want to take on this Nasty Dino. You have no reason to really battle him, except if he's in your way. He is not needed in any recipe and drops mediocre loot. Nastysaurus frequently engages into battles with the fauna, including the Pointysaurus. Alosaur and T-Rex and is able to overpower them. As he has no arms, he fights by getting up close and personal and tearing enemies to shreds. He also goes for an occasional ram or tail whack that has great knockback and respectable damage. As a tip, do not jump when fighting him. You will be launched back into hazards. Sure, you might want criticals but if you don't have the gear and power to tank him, you best stay away! One easy way is to not jump. Short mobs deal lots of damage against him because he may not be able to bite a mob if it is short so it may get a few hits of before getting bitten.