The Prince (Toddler form)

The Prince is a baby form of the former king, and beware when upgrading his genertaion after the 2nd upgrade then do not upgrade him anymore Looks like a triple headedDragon, because of his heads. He often stares at animals, villagers and even other Prince's, like a Villager.


The Prince will spawn automatically tamed upon defeat of The King. Alternatively, you can obtain The Prince in the 6 level challenge dungeon in the Unstable Dimension or from an Easter Bunny.


The Prince has 500 health, 14 defense, and 10 attack damage. Its abilities range from lightning, fireballs, to ice-breath. It will also regenerate 1 health periodically. To manually heal The Prince, simply feed it any type of food. When The Prince is brought alot below ¼ health, it will stop fighting to stay alive. The Prince won’t sit in place for long, for as soon as you walk a fair distance away, it will fly back to you. If The Prince is causing too much terrain destruction, right click on him with an ice block to extinguish his firepower. To turn it back on, use a flint and steel. In order to grow up the Prince, two methods may be used. If you allow The Prince to kill 25 mobs, feed it 10 times, and allow 10 Minecraft days to pass, he will grow up to be The Young Prince (intended method). Or you can feed it a diamond block.


  • The Prince attacks Skeletons.
  • The Prince won't attack Iron Golems.
  • Bacon can also heal The Prince, which should be enabled.