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Neutral Form

The Queen is the strongest mob in OreSpawn, besides the Ultimate King easter egg. It looks similar to The King, however, it holds an energy orb. It has two forms; the first form is a light blue color with a green orb at its chest. Its second form is a black color with a purple orb. When The Queen is in its neutral form, it will fly around spawning birds, laying flowers and follow The King.


The Queen can be found on top of The Queen Tree (a variation of The Tree of Goodness). Alternatively, she may be spawned using a spawn egg from its own dungeon, as well as finding nine Queen Dried Spawn Eggs, crafting them, watering them and creating an egg.


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Aggressive Form

The Queen has 6,000 health, 21 defense, and attacks for 250 damage with its heads and feet. It is set to 225, however; due to the fact the programming of the Queen was based on the same programming as The King, the same attack oversight occurs. Its abilities range from lightning to fireballs. Also it has regeneration varying from 5 to 50 depending on its health.

The Queen is a neutral mob (meaning it attacks only when provoked). The Queen will constantly emit Purple Power, which will hit for a percentage of your health. Royal Guardian gear is recommended when fighting The Queen. It is also recommended that you use Notch Apples, Bacon, or Crystal Apples. The use of Creeper Repellent can also be used to repel the Purple Power when it approaches near.

It may be important to note that the Queen is not aggressive towards The King.

Upon death, The Queen will drop Royal Guardian gear, spawn eggs, and most importantly Queen Scales. These may be used to craft The Queen Battle Axe and full Queen Scale Armor and spawn The Princess. (Note: Currently there is no Ultimate Queen.)