The WTF? eats stone. It's slow, and hates everything. May be useful if you're too lazy to mine yourself... Hey, what do you think made all those caves? And what is this thing anyway? Where did it come from? Ew!

A WTF? is a giant aggressive beetle-like arthropod found in caves in the Mining dimension. WTF dungeons can be found here as well. They are giant worm-like crabs with red angry eyes and a green thing that appears to be slime on its belly. They are mostly blue and have orange legs, and 3 tan tentacles.


WTF can break rock and appear to "Dig" in the rock, often falling into lava. They don't appear to be able to break any other blocks, however. They will attack the player on sight. Stinkies will attack them, and they fight back. WTFs will attack slimes, magma cubes,Some Girlfriend, ocelots, horses, chickens, sheep, pigs, cows, hydroliscs, birds, and many other mobs.


As stated above, there are WTF dungeons. In the dungeon chests there is great loot. Spawn eggs, EXP armour, emeralds, ect. can be found in the dungeon chests in WTF dungeons. The WTF dungeons are 11x11 in size, and 4 blocks high.


Attack: 23

Defense: 35

Health: 100


Drops: 80 diamonds 43 amythest


The WTF?, despite looking weak, is pretty strong, with higher health than a Bee. Luckily, it is EXTREMELY slow. Even with weak armour, you can defeat this...thing as long as you hit it, back off and hit it again. Repeat this and you should be safe. Girlfriends also have a high chance of surviving if you have one following you. So don't get scared about your GirlFriend!


The WTF? , as mentioned earlier, can tunnel through stone and is rumoured to have created the cave in the mining dimension.


This mob is based off of the Metroid.