The Emerald tree!

The Tree of Goodness is a structure in the Utopia (Brown Ants) Dimension. It is very rare and if you find it, put your Ultimate Armor on first, then rejoice. The King is at the top of it. The trunk is made of Gold and is hollow on the inside. The bottom is made of dirt. It may also have loot chests on some of the upper floors, containing items such as ultimate weapons/tools, diamond armor, and multiple types of food. This tree has diamond stairs and Emerald branches with other ore blocks in the branches. There can also be chests and Iron Golems on the branches.


Beware that on some of the trees that there are traps. If you see a lever, look around before you flick it. It will sometimes be a bad idea if you flick it.


The blocks that you can find on the tree are:

This can help you a lot with making the Ultimate Tools and other armor like amethyst, ruby, emerald, etc.