Health: 100 (50 hearts)

Attack: 20


Defense if hit: infinity

Drops: Green Goo

The Triffid is a large carnivorous plant that grows naturally in the Danger Dimension. Although it is a plant, it has great adaptations that have allowed it to survive for so long in its dimension. First of all, it is a plant. Most mobs in the dimension are carnivorous, meaning most mobs like the Nightmare or dragon will not try to kill it, making it one of the only mobs the Nightmares leave alone. Secondly, they only grow on small round islands that help their survivability against mobs that they cannot eat or win a fight against. Thirdly, they have a long 'tongue' at the tip, which strikes out at prey to instantly kill them, or at least wound them. They have great knockback that sends predators skidding backwards-off the small islands. Lastly, they have one of the most perfect defense mechanisms since the Weeping Angels: powerful leaves strong enough to protect the Triffid from a meteor strike. Nothing, not even the Royal Guardian Sword can penetrate the defense, not even fire! Multiple Triffids will spawn from Orespawn lucky blocks named "Lucky Leaves".


The Triffid can be dangerous to inexperienced players and a hassle for experienced ones. As the Triffid is needed for Big Bertha, you most likely only have the Ultimate Sword with you, and will take about 3 hits. And those will be the longest 3 hits in your life. The first thing to note is that nothing short of Big Bertha or a tank will instantly kill it, and what's important is striking first. Always hit the Triffid before it hits you. This is important as you most likely just got on the island and if the Triffid hits you with its tongue, you will probably be a corpse on the mainland with Creeping Horrors feasting on your flesh. Once you hit him, he will close up instantly and be immune to all damage. Most newbies will try to rapidly strike at it and wonder why nothing is happening before the Triffid counter-attacks and flings them off the island. You should start building a wall 3 blocks high behind you, then turn back and hit it the moment it opens. When it opens, its sends out its tongue within a nanosecond, and WILL hit you. You should take little damage, fly into your wall and strike back instantly as the Triffid will close the moment it thinks you will retaliate. Just rinse and repeat.